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Thread: Wreck it Ralph: Im gonna wreck it!

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    I thought the movie was good, but I thought the script could have used a minor rewrite. There were just a number of things I thought were minor problems that could have been fixed, such as...
    1) The Calhoun/Felix romance subplot seemed unnecessary.
    2) I think they went slightly overboard with making Penelope unlikable early on.
    3) Okay, it's established that Penelope wasn't really a glitch, and that her crossing the finish line would reset the game and fix that so she was no longer one. So they do that, and...she still has the glitch power? That contradicts what was stated, and if she's still "glitched" then the fact she's at Felix/Calhoun's wedding makes no sense because she can't leave.

    It's possible that the teleportation was actually just a special ability she had built into her as her "special movie" in the race or something and people incorrectly thought it was a glitch, but it would've been nice if they had actually STATED that (and, when it was shown using it still, hadn't had the glitch effect). Considering how easy it would have been to fix this plot hole, and the number of ways they could have fixed it (e.g. just cut out that like 10-second part where it's shown/mentioned near the end), it's frustrating that it's there.
    Still, these are largely nitpicks.
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