@Tarith: "My ring! T, you're the best! Thank you!" Cecile puts her ring on. "Now let's hope Bill has one ready for me when I return. Which reminds me, Tarith. When we're in Justcrown, I'd like to talk to you about something."

Jacob comes in as sits on the couch, beside Cecile.

"I hope you two have been resting well here?"

He then lights his pipe, puffs on it, and looks at you.

"You recall a few nights ago when I showed you the vault. I assume you also recall why the vault was purposefully closed and the keys scattered. Balion was insane, and even he knew it was the right thing to do. Bringing the three keys together and opening the Vault could potentially invite disaster. Sure, there is the old smithy down there, and maybe a few weapons of old that were crafted by me centuries ago, along with armor, but then there is the Star Room. The place where Arrallae used to serve as Oracle. Who wouldn't want to know what is to happen? Where their paths may lead? The temptation is too big, and the risk- bigger still."

Regarding destruction of the keys.

"We considered it, yes. Steiner suggested we do not. He planned on understanding Arrallae and controlling her moods, so we could use the Star Room later. Of course, he left shortly after that. I had both keys and Balion was already away with his. Steiner had assured me the Seal was unbreakable, so why even bother destroying the keys if they could not be reunited?"

@Xander: Jacob finishes talking to Tarith and looks at you as he empties his pipe on the ashtray.

"Steiner wrote a long and complicated ritual in his main journal. The journal has been locked. I haven't bothered to look at it. He did tell me to not even bother trying to read it, since it was written in different languages. For protection, he said. I know the ritual is arcane and requires blood, and that it takes a long time to cast. I know this because my blood was used, Steiner was a wizardly-type and he was out there in the field for days- weeks even. All other details are unknown, but his journal is in my house. If you are willing, I would like to ask if you can perform the ritual he did centuries ago. I would rather have Swan's Rest sealed as fast as possible."

You analyze the water from the Covens, the Font of life, and the Swan's water supply. This is what you gather:

- Both the Eastern and Western Coven have the same powers.

- The Font of Life is by far the most potent.

- Water in Swan's Rest has a minor healing factor (cure moderate wounds, CL 20th)

@Dantie: You begin arguing with tarith and this one responds in kind. Jacob butts in with his reasons regarding the keys. The house has escalated to an heated din.

They should, Jacob

At the door stands Arrallae. Her gaze on the scythe.

"They have gone through a lot to get here. It is fair, don't you think?"