An excited tone in Xander voice.
His journal? Yes, I would very much like to review his journal. Thank you Jacob. Would you be alright if I attempted to modify the ritual in a way that would allow you more control and hopefully give Arrallae the ability to regularly visit the sacred places, with out compromising safety of course. I feel it is inappropriate to keep her confined in here with no access to the outside world, but understand the need to keep her protected.

Xander looks down at his notes.
Jacob, do you happen to have any spare water skins I may be able to purchase?
On our way out we need to stop at the Font of Life and gather some more water, all of us having some of that could be a life saver.

Arrallae, what precautions have you taken to insure you do not risk a second episode? If you are sure you will be safe I would very much appreciate any information you are able to give us, as our enemy seems to be wide spread and already well into there schemes.