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I'm trying to get an actual look at the original stories. But since they aren't novels, is there some kind of complete list of Hyborian Age stories with chronological and publication order?
And are they all about Conan or also other ones, and are they all by Robert Howard or are there any by other writers as with Lovecrafts stories?
It's not all Conan, there are other characters form Hyboria that where developed during/after the original Conan stories came out. Kull the Conqueror being one, another being Red Sonja.

Howard wrote the original stuff, but a number of other authors have had there shot at the franchise since he died. Many however feel that Howard is the gold standard though, me among them.

And look up The coming of Conan the Cimmerian. It's an anthology of publication order Robert E. Howard Conan stories. All the original ones the creator penned himself and published during his life time.