[9'th Bell At The Gates]

Having traded out the rather draping merchant's robes from the day before, Nephea now wore much more functional attire. Or, well, simpler at least. And possibly more complex at the same time given that while her shirt was unadorned, the vest she wore over it seemed to have almost more pockets than it had room for; many of which had the neck of a small bottle or phial sticking out just a bit for easy retreval. Her slacks were a bit on the gaudy side but she really couldn't help it as she had the choice between purchasing clothes made by dwarves and gnomes and the former was either too starchy or itchy for her taste.

When found the catamander would be sitting on a bench and resting her head against the wall behind her. Eyes closed as she dozed in the light of the morning sun. Beside her was a small shoulder pack that seemed to be stuffed to the brim with several kinds of plant matter and, of course, more potions.