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    I've heard a lot of good things about the new seasons, but also a lot of really disheartening stuff. It seems like individual episodes are getting better but the plot is even more emotionally manipulative and silly than ever, with Amy/Rory stupidity replacing the obnoxious Rose/Doctor cannonshipping and the Doctor pretending to be dead... even in the past when people wouldn't know about the event which supposedly killed him. That and the drama about the production is very dismaying, though I would love to be proven wrong and get some more good Who.
    Why not give it a chance? The things you mentioned can be made sound a lot worse than they are when seen out of context (and an answer to the second pert was easily inferred from events, which was then explicitly confirmed in one of the more recent episodes).

    @TVTyrant That is an apt comparison, especially since Adams was the head writer for a large chink of Tom Baker's era. The plot for the first Dirk Gently book is actually largely drawn from one of the episodes he wrote (City of Death)'
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