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Nah, I don't think it to be the best level either. My candidates would be Lungfishopolis and the neon lights & bullfight-themed level of which I've forgotten the name.
Lungfishopolis was a ton of fun. It was a hilarious inversion. It'd be my favorite level so far (I just beat the level and haven't played again yet to give context) if it weren't for the controls. You move a lot slower and clunkier, which I guess physically makes sense since you are 100 feet tall.

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it's an excellent game altogether. it's only default IMO is that it is a bit short
Seems like a decent length to me. Granted I'm not done with it, but I've already spent 5 hours playing it and my Psi level is only 45, so there at least seems like there's a few more hours.

and really doesn't have that many non tutorial actual levels.
Yeah, that was an annoyance to me too. Yeah, I get it!
Warning: strong language

One thing that surprised me was Steve Blum's character in the game. I heard he did voice work for Psychonauts, but I wasn't sure which character. I would have never guessed in a million years Spike from Cowboy Bebop shared the same voice as this character. Which probably adds to the hilarity!