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    [Dave's Clinic]

    Dave really shouldn't have yelled at Clarissa.

    He really, really shouldn't have.

    "Why don't you just come out and say it! You don't love me anymore! You think you're too good for an evil spouse, Mister Assassin! I hate you! If you want to threaten me, Mister Doctor-Man, you can bear your own children!"

    Uh-oh! Yep! Dave's in deep water now! Clarissa is crying! He wasn't supportive when Clarissa needed him to be so Clarissa is gonna show him the torture of childbirth firsthand!

    Clarissa attempts to magically transfer their children to Dave and magically transform Dave into a female! She wants to know how he feels with the shoe on the other foot!

    [Abandoned-Looking Factory]

    And wait Zefir shall! He'll wait for a good hour before the egg begins to shake from side to side and a hairline crack breaks through the smooth, strong surface of the dragon's egg. Moments later, a small red muzzle punches through the top of the egg! It's hatching! Zefir had better prepare himself to meet his baby dragon!
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