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    Default Re: God Save the Queen, Indeed: Let's Play Long Live the Queen!

    Chapter 45, Part 2
    We Had To Say It Once


    Let's do this. Let's strike a blow for truth and justice, against the darkness of this world!

    For Nova, for ourselves, for our mother!

    This man is our Joe Chill. And we're...

    The god-damned batman.

    You have won.
    Take that! We emerge victorious to find...

    That the scene, in a moment of incredible anti-climax, ends there.
    Seriously, game? No one cared that Elodie just beat an evil sorceror-king probably at least twice her age and many, many times her experience, through pluck and training?
    No one cares that she single-handedly ended an invasion?

    ...Well, I'm going to throw a parade for the girl!

    Of course, all I have for the parade is dead Elodies from different paths we could have taken. Let's take a look at those...
    We've seen what happens when Elodie signs up for a Naval battle she can't fight, but what happens if she agrees to plan Magical Nuke, but doesn't have the skills to pay the bills?

    She explodes.

    Well, what if we couldn't win the Togami fight?

    He fries us, and it looks like Team Elodie blasts off for good.

    Oh, and, just to make a clean rule of threes...What is the price for Plan Tactical Nuke? Well, when the consequences arrive, you get a choice of how to deal with them... if you try to be noble or think something will save you if you're noble...

    Sadly, the one where you're evil enough to resolve that consequence through tossing someone else at it, but can't stand up to the person that enfuriates couldn't make it.
    You'll be missed, little death-chibi.

    Anyway, these fallen princesses give our survivor a hand!

    That aside, we've got a few more weeks of random training.

    What sounds fun to y'all?
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