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    Atticus Murphy Junior maybe somewhat withdrawn and inwardly focused on account of loosing something indescribably valuable the very second he's about to be checked up on by his bosses, but not quite enough not to notice you. Fortunately, your strange clothing protects you from suspicion. "Ah. You must be my two o'clock." He says, noting your bizarre fashion choice and doing his best to compose himself and act like nothing is the matter, then ushering you into the office. It's in complete shambles, given his frenzy to find the book. The cushions were ripped off the couches, the contents of the drawers scattered everywhere, and that's just the beginning.
    Atticus gestures around desperately. "Sorry, I have to… to…" He thinks desperately, but his imagination is busy filling in the blanks on what's going to happen to him if he doesn't get the book back before anyone realizes it's gone. It's not pleasant. Mostly because it's going to happen to him. "So if you could sit here, and tell anyone who asks that I just nipped out but will be back in a moment, I'd be very grateful." He seems to have lost the middle-half of that conversation somewhere. But without a word, he leaves you in his office and heads out, looking for the book.
    He leaves you in his ransacked office. With all the papers spilled everywhere.
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