Dantie listens to the arguments presented and decides that if she is ok with it he may have an idea. Jacob I have a way to protect my self from the energy she radiates. But we would have to wait until tomorrow, that way if she does have an episode it should last longer then her episode...right? Dantie says looking a bit worried about the whole idea, but willing to try saying in the end he would be the safest one of them all if she did lose control. Jacob may be able to control it, but if she goes to far and kills him then there would be nothing to stop it. Arrallae if this is the course of action you wish to take then I ask that you wait until tomorrow so that we can all rest and be ready for this. I want you to think about what may happen more then us. Is this information worth the life of the villagers? Of your nieces and nephews? Is it worth there lives? Or anyone else if we can not stop you if you do lose control?

(1d20+23)[29] diplomacy roll to try to convince her it is not worth it.