Jack counter-charges, but he might as well have not bothered. Beast crashes into him like a freight-train, driving his fist into Jack's midsection like a cannonball and knocking him off his feet. "As I tell my students, mass plus acceleration equals force." He tells Jack as he's sent flying up into the air. He's about sick of the irrational, time to showcase some good old Newtonian Science. Jack could make himself invulnerable and sharp, but he still only weighed as much as an ordinary man.

"I'm faster, and heavier then you. More then that, I can do the calculations in my head for precisions sake. All the raw power in the world isn't going to help you." He let that sink in a moment, then reached over and casually uprooted a medium sized pine-tree, bracing himself so as not to topple and serve as the object lesson of his own demonstration. "And for my next tricků leverage."

Archer, Shirou
"I would suggest retreat." Archer says, after dodging a particularly nasty strike of Mickeys. He's quite aware of his own capabilities. Enough to know, anyway, that any fight where he's defensive is one he's going to lose, and lose quickly.

"I mean this in the best way possible but both of these Magus are infinitely more competent than you in every thinkable way when it comes to conventional magecraft. I believe, in my current condition, I could take out Salem." Unusual for a master to introduce his servant, but he wasn't dwelling on that. "If not for the Saber, that is."

"We can't."

There was a blur, and Shirou slumped to the ground. Archer hefted his now unconscious master over his shoulder, then left the battle, leaving the other two to try and duke it out.