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[Surgical Wing - Yeah Toast!!!]

I like toast!

And I changed my mind! HAL didn't operate on Spec! GLaDOS must've. That terrifying network of arms...

Spec babbles incoherently as she comes to! The first things she identifies when her vision clears up are her lack of garments and Gary, a human male!

"Um... I... Uh..."

"Did we, y'know..."

"I need my clothes. And I'm not this ma'am you're looking for. I'm Star Princess Ezzah Chrinthos, famous gladiator and singer! I think! Is...is that who I am?"

Wow! That tranq serum be paralyzing Spec's motor functions and her mental functions somehow! She attempts to stand, but is unsteady on her feet, and will topple over backwards if Gary doesn't catch her first!
Seeming to understand the implication, Gary shakes his head firmly. "No we did not." He starts to hand her something she can get decent with, but instead ends up rushing forward to catch her. He gets her straightened out without too much effort. "I think you might be having an especially strong reaction, 'Star Princess', ma'am. Perhaps I should get you to the lab..."