Thank you for understanding Arrallae but as I said I can ask Pelor many questions, and though the answers may not be as smooth cut, there also is no risk. Dantie says with a smile before adding, I will be leaving tonight for just a small amount of time. I need to take care of a few things but I will be here until we can not only fix the seal, but make it so that those that live here can come and go as they please. Dantie says with a smile and says goodnight as she leaves.

Tarith if she sees the vault open she may take it as we want her to try. I rather not endanger these people here. Dantie says before looking at the three Ravens. I will be leaving soon for Justcrown if you two want a ride. Xander, Tarith do you need me to pick anything up while I am there? Dantie says stretching his wings and getting his bag of holding ready, Keeping only his money on him and leaving the paintings behind on the table where he had left them earlier.