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Again with the Milkman Conspiracy. Why so much hate? I'm gonna have to play this part and see for myself. Am I close? I just got past Lungfishopolis and arrived on the island or wherever it is.
You're just about to do it: It's the level immediately after Lungfishopolis.

My problem with the Milkman Conspiracy is it basically consists of running around a neighborhood searching every last one of the identical houses on identical streets for the items you need to proceed. It's very easy to get lost and oftentimes you'll pass over the area you're supposed to go because you'll assume you've already been there. I had to resort to a video walkthrough, which just sucks all the fun out of it.

It's not even really that funny until you get to the end which, I have to admit, was pretty brilliant. It has one joke, and it just repeats tiny variations of this joke over and over.