Hello everyone, my name is Kasanip!

After finishing [Kasanip's Sketchbook] thread, I was encouraged to continue, and so made [Kasanip's Sketchbook 2] thread.

This is link to Kasanip's Sketchbook 1. It has art from 2009 - 10/2012.

Actually [art] means [sketch]. Most of the time it is not beautiful finished art. Usually, it is drawn in 30 minutes or less...a habit of working in class or at lunch.

The art here will be drawn on my computer. I use [IllustStudio] and [Wacom Bamboo Comic].

I'm kind of a shy person, nice to meet you.

Some characteristics that can be noticed, are to do [Music Sketch]. The meaning is [listen to a song and to make a sketch of such an emotion].

Mostly my sketch is about characters. Of course if there is a request, please do not be shy to make a post! However, please understand maybe I won't understand, and not guarantee to make it. Sorry, my English isn't good.

Probably post rate is to depend on mood. But sketch is only hobby, so it can be relaxed. But this time, try to become more skilled is a goal, too.

Please relax and enjoy!