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    Quote Originally Posted by Illven View Post
    Hey, Kasanip.

    To start things off with more art. Remember in Niek's game we were planning an A support between Sheron and Shinobu, would you be willing to draw a romantic picture of them, such as them hugging, or Sheron kissing Shinobu's hand?
    I can try. However, please show me picture of Sheron.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fri View Post
    Yay for the new thread. And it's an interesting new avatar you have there, kasanip. I didn't recognize that it's you at first.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ascaloth View Post
    Kasanip wins a Nyancat for her new avatar.
    Thank you! It should be said, Avatar is of new character [Yfa Keter Ain] for [Dieselpunk] game 「What's Left of the Flag] (Playground 5). She is Lynks. To be technological advance race:


    It is [Dieselpunk], so some player are difficult to imagine magic and combat. So a sketch is made. Maybe it is Eris to pose.
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