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Thread: Simple Q&A D&D 3.5 (by RAW) XXI

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    Q -
    I want to play a rogue in my d&d group; GM did allow us to slightly modify our characters/classes. Don't want my rogue to wear any kind of armor and get some kind of AC bonus instead. How should I do that? INT to AC like in Invisible Blade's unfettered defense?

    Q -
    Same character. Want to be able to do sneak attack without a flanking partner if everyone goes solo to spread the search for goals, which happens quite often. Is there a way I can deny Dex to AC for all the sneak attacks I do in my turn, and not only for the first one, through attacking first? Maybe Uncanny Feint? Camouflage+HiPS hide between every single sting?

    Q -
    Question about skillmonkeying: Why is the factotum considered a better skillmonkey class than rogue? Just curious. Is it because "skillmonkey" means to be able to use all skills? And factotum can use all lvl1 skills + Cunning knowledge?

    Answer to the poster below me:
    Ok, I'm sorry. I'll repost it in a separate thread.
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