Trickster is good. I was kind of stumped for a full list so that one is in.

The bodhisattva/hindu deity concept is one I like. I will look into it.

Sort of like combining the Exalted cosmology with The Elder Scrolls astrological symbolism?
I was considering the elder scrolls a little when I thought of it. I am considering pulling apart the class system somewhat in favor of something else. Archetype might be used to give background feats/class skill as something else to stack with race/templates.

I have never read into exalted though; is it worth finding out more?

You know how the gilyanthi and the gilzathi live in the bodies of dead god? The archetypes physical forms are a little like that only they where never alive in any real sense. They are kind of a standing wave of power which at first arose from and now enforce the way people live. This is part of the reason for the medieval stasis.

I like the idea that they act as a sort of clerical domains except for exarchs and not priests. An exarch can sort of pick and mix when creating their divinity.



Instead of creating lots and lots of pathons I can create a tool-kit for DMs to create their own gods/daemons. I mean that's what I am really trying to do now to create the gods. I just need a fistful of examples.