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I've heard a lot of good things about the new seasons, but also a lot of really disheartening stuff. It seems like individual episodes are getting better but the plot is even more emotionally manipulative and silly than ever, with Amy/Rory stupidity replacing the obnoxious Rose/Doctor cannonshipping and the Doctor pretending to be dead... even in the past when people wouldn't know about the event which supposedly killed him. That and the drama about the production is very dismaying, though I would love to be proven wrong and get some more good Who.
For the record.
I despised the Rose/Doctoring but Amy/Rory has become one of the three fictional romances I don't actively root against. The Doctor pretending to be dead thing only comes up in series 7. Though if you're opposed to silly plots, yeah you're not going to like it.

I'm a Doctor Who fan, most definitely. But the plot is ridiculous, idiotic, and has holes that a truck could drive through with room to spare. Doctor Who is about getting caught in the moment of the scary, exciting, and interesting bits to the point that you forget how ridiculous it all is. If you can, it's awesome, if you can't it won't be. Though I'll just say, while I enjoy season 5-6, so far 7 has not gotten me caught up enough to forget the ridiculous of it all. But that's just me.