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Really, the two main things that bother me about Seasons 5+ are that I never quite got used to Matt Smith (I still don't think he plays a proper Timelord. He lacks Grandness. He doesn't have the fury. He isn't the Oncoming Storm, he's a child.) The second is that the energy seems to be missing. I don't get excited and caught up anymore. I could tolerate much more silliness if it was entertaining.
Well other than being a mad man with a box, anyone taking on that role is going to have hard time being more manic than Tennant!

The one advantage they could have used is making him fit in the background which Doc 10 certainly shouldn't have been able to (Daleks in Manhatten for example) but unlike Tennant I expect Doc 11 to demonstrate that whilst his predecessor makes a big deal about having had so much mercy, the highlight for me is when its mentioned a good man doesn't need any rules Doc 11 points out this isn't the time to wonder why he has so many!