Why do Orcs use such a seemingly sub par weapon as the orc double ax? hint: it's not because they're stupid.

Whirlybird (Fighter)
you can swing your ax so fast you fly like a bird
Prerequisites:Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (Orc double ax), Str 20, Dex 15
Benefit: When using the full attack action with an orc double ax, you can sacrifice an attack to fly 10 ft. with good maneuverability. You can sacrifice as many attacks in a round as you get with your ax, including attacks with the offhand side. You must use your attacks in order. For example, if you fly 20 feet and then attack, you must use your highest attack bonuses on the flight, while if you attack and then fly, you use your lowest attacks to fly with. Once you are flying, you can maintain the flight by taking the full attack action. You don't need to sacrifice attacks to hover.
Special: A fighter can select this feat as one of her fighter bonus feats.