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Really, the two main things that bother me about Seasons 5+ are that I never quite got used to Matt Smith (I still don't think he plays a proper Timelord. He lacks Grandness. He doesn't have the fury. He isn't the Oncoming Storm, he's a child.) The second is that the energy seems to be missing. I don't get excited and caught up anymore. I could tolerate much more silliness if it was entertaining.
To each their own. Personally Matt is my favorite of the newWho Doctors. The childlike nature makes it more fun, not less. And energy is the one thing he does not lack. It's only season 7 that was a let down for me, because I think each episode had very large flaws that I could not personally ignore. But even then there were parts that were brilliant in each episode, or at least had the potential to be.