The archetypes are universal; one set of patrons and one set of titans.

A soldier who became an exarch through the warrior archetype have a different outlook and nature as would a berserker or a warlord.


I like the idea that the stars are planes. Most of the brightest stars are the heavens (afterlifes and divine home planes). Pantheons cluster their planes together in relatively stable formations (the constellations). The links between the constellations are clearly visible under mage sight.

When two pantheons go to war you can see their constellations fighting. When gods die their stars fade and when pantheons fall their constellations fall apart.


Exarch come in various ranks of power from a lowly deva through seraphim, archons and all the way to an exalted throne.


Dijn are souls who resonate with the titans. When they aren't off granting horrifically distorted wishes or collecting/tormenting mortal souls they act as the servants and attendants of the titans.