Institute of Humanist Studies

"We study non-human creatures here, as well as human, Dr Roberts. We can't very well make a case for racial segregation without that! A mishmash like this one is the perfect example of the sort of thing we are trying to stop."
Professor Bauer says.

Laneside Bowling

Lily pokes at the orange bit, lightly enough that it just leaves a fingerprint, then pokes at the red thing. "The red thing is different than the orange stuff." She holds the opened packet out to the cat. "Do you know what this is?"

"It's a cat, Leelee, it doesn't know."

"It's a magic cat. It might!"

For once, Tito realizes that Lily's logic actually makes sense.

In the bathroom, Brand notices Justin's change in tone, and looks up from his scrubbing. "Of course you can."