it was just a goofy idea i had last night. what possible reason could a strength oriented race like orcs have for developing and using a double weapon, since two handed weapons are far better for strength oriented characters than 2 weapon fighting. either a. they're stupid, or b. they're so strong they can fly with it.

@high strength. you are using a weapon not designed for flight to generate enough lift to pick up yourself and your gear and fly around like a helicopter. that requires a superhuman level of strength. the dexterity requirement is because you have to be coordinated enough to control where you are going.

@hovering. you have to give up attacks to actually move, but as long as you are spinning the weapon (using a full attack action), you can hover in place and still get all of your attacks. if this is bad from a balance perspective, i could change it so that you have to sacrifice an attack to hover.