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    Quote Originally Posted by Blightedmarsh View Post
    Trickster is good. I was kind of stumped for a full list so that one is in.

    The bodhisattva/hindu deity concept is one I like. I will look into it.

    I was considering the elder scrolls a little when I thought of it. I am considering pulling apart the class system somewhat in favor of something else. Archetype might be used to give background feats/class skill as something else to stack with race/templates.

    I have never read into exalted though; is it worth finding out more?
    Exalted astronomical bodies have Celestial Incarnations which represent their power, they're based largely on some obvious archetypes we usually associate with them in our collective myths. They've also got Primordials, which are stand-ins for Greek Titans -- Including Gaia, who became the Earth itself and birthed the elemental Devas. Then there are a variety of concepts lifted from Eastern religions -- including reincarnation and deification.

    It's got a number of similarities to your perspective. The idea of a morally neutral or ambiguous pantheon is fairly well represented.
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