Size changes a lot of things about various items and gear: damage on weapons, Weight things that can be sized, etc. But what I want to know is how this pertains to armor and shields.
How does the size of the creature using it effect the cost to purchase a piece of armor or a shield? I mean, feasibly, the fact that a small-sized suit of armor uses less material would reduce the cost to create it, but at the same time, smaller armor may be more difficult to create with the level of quality one finds in a medium suit of armor, increasing the DR, and countering the loss in cost.
Which leads to the second question: Does being small or large sized change the qualities of a suit of armor (AC bonus, Check penalty, etc.) due to the difference in quality inherent in the size? (Small armor being more difficult to apply finer details to, and Large armor being easier)
How does a difference in size change the effect of things like shields? Does a larger shield offer a greater AC bonus? And what about Tower shiled cover? I had a Half Ogre character that bought a tower shield from a smith that "Might have been the Smithy's Door, re-purposed as a shield". Such a size modifier seems like it would allow a smaller fighter to take full cover, rather than half cover, behind that shield, or the shield-bearing warrior.
If a character has the Feat, "Monkey Grip" allowing for use of over-sized weapons, does it follow that they would be able to wield an over-sized shield as well? (Imagining my half Ogre with a re-purposed Barn Door as a Huge sized shield) :)