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    Default Re: So I just played Psychonauts for the first time

    Pshaah, milkman conspiracy is an excellent level and you people have no taste. "Beware the cows, not all milk is enriched !" will never stop to make me giggle.
    I thinkt the best joke is that if you get arrested you can get the question: "what is the purpose of the google ," and then bost battle happens. "I'll pluck out your eyes ! " "You can't ! That is the purpose of the googles".

    (Lungfishopolis is fun but in my opinion, the lack of telekinesis make it feels just so ,damn slow when you took the habit of bouncing and flaoting around.and the boss battle is just so gimmicky)

    In my opinion, the worst (by which I mean less good because there isn't any really bad level in this game) level in the game is Waterloo world. It has a few okay jokes and design but the figment are such a pain to get and the musical score gets annoying after a while.
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