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    Default Re: God Save the Queen, Indeed: Let's Play Long Live the Queen!

    Seriously, game? No one cared that Elodie just beat an evil sorceror-king probably at least twice her age and many, many times her experience, through pluck and training?
    (Yeah that's one of the default I noticed about this game, the text description can be frankly underwhelming at time.
    I know they say 'less is more' but sometime it could do with being a little less terse.)

    He fries us, and it looks like Team Elodie blasts off for good
    (Is it me or does her little ghost look strangely happy on this death ?)

    Does the kraken taking you counts for the 'encountering a tentacled monster' achievement or is it only the keythong ?
    If you try to dsitract him, what skills does the game ask for ?)

    Welp anway at this point I don't think any of the classes we take will make much difference. So why not go into court manners and decoration to learn the more tastefull way to decorate our therone with the skull of Togami ?
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