My new Warforged Fighter has a bit of a mad scientist flavor, and I've been considering adding a system to fire alchemical items to his arsenal. I've worked out two solid options, so I'd like to hear which you think is superior for the investment.

An Alchemical Launcher (D385 p 72)
Pros: Negates AoOs from using alchemical items, +1 item bonus to hit
Cons: Must use minor action to retrieve each item before use.
Price: 1000gp
Ammo: Set of 10 Alchemists Fires costs 200/750/3500 at 1st/6th/11th level.

A Repeating Crossbow with Alchemical Ammo
Pros: increases the range of Alchemical Frost and Acid, no action to load or retrieve ammo.
Cons: Only fires alchemical frost/fire/acid, alchemical ammunition more expensive.
Price: 36gp
Ammo: Set of 10 alchemist's Fires costs 250/1000/5000 at 1st/6th/11th level.

Both of them bolt onto the arms slot and can be removed with a minor action.