Laneside Bowling

These kids are going to pick at Justin's tastes forever aren't they? Also, at the very least, the cheese spread should at least smell sort of like cheese.

Lily is also met the the same cold air, but at the very least the cat reacts this time. It moves it's head along with her hand. Although neither feels any actual resistance, it can at least pretend like it's being petted.

"Feet? No. No no, Brand. I mean, like trauma therapy. A psychiatrist or something," Justin says before realizing those words likely don't mean much. "Sometimes when people go through bad experiences... Sometimes get through it and they're fine, but sometimes... most times I'd guess, it affects their behavior. Sometimes again, this can be bad for their health. A therapist tells them ways to... heal their emotions? Sort of? Helps them understand their problems and ways to curb harmful behavior. But, I'm so sorry Brand. It really wasn't my place to suggest all of that. Tito is happy boy and you have a wonderful family and I'm really, really sorry."