[9'th Bell at the Gates]

Nephea snorted lightly in her sleep before muttering what sounded like an alchemical formula... Or at least started out like such. "..Ground wheat... Extract of chicken's egg... *Snerk* Dewclaw of a fruit bat... Pastrami on rye boiled for seven days in a clay monkey and a hint of fried strawberr-... Wait, what?" Blinking blearily, the catamander's green eyes focused on the wizard after a moment.

"What time is it..?" she yawned, reaching for a small bottle filled with what appeared to be a dark liquid that was the color of burnt caramel. Prying the cork out of the phial, she quickly downed the concoction and made a rather amusing face although it was easy to tell that it was a very bitter liquid. "Always forget to add sugar and cream..." she muttered as she stuffed away the empty container. "Right then!" she said, eyes now much more alert. "I guess this means you're ready to go?"