I'm going to make a couple of counter points:
1. Yes GURPS is a system anchored in reality and physics. Its not actually simulationist its just that they actually used standards regularly.

2. Second by second actually makes the most sense out of all the fixed interval units of time, namely because there are two types of actions taken in a fight; strike and reset (takes about 1 second), and full out drives (depending on the weapon and people anywhere from 3-30 seconds before it break apart).

3. Narrative freedom doesn't come from freedom of resolution it comes from freedom of choice. Outside of dis-advantages no rule in GURPS comes close to regularly denying choice of action.

4. Character creation being a nightmare is rarely the case after the first few times. And the only thing that requires a calculator has the common numbers listed in a nice table. The entire statement is mostly an exaggeration (except for the line about engineers, the line editor is actually a physicist.)