[Outside Trog's - Waiting for a date]

Hours in the future, but not many, from Justin's cleaning in Laneside Bowling, the vault boy waits outside of the aforementioned nuthouse tavern dressed in his Sunday best, his blue vest over his only dress shirt and a tie and pants to match. The tie, of course, has a specially embroidered 47 on the front. The boy sticks to his theme. His hair is also parted and pointing strangely for some... Oh my goodness did he comb his hair. I didn't even know he could do that! This is new ground, this is insane. Also you look like a dork, Justin.

He also has a bouquet of Flowers hidden behind his back. He's currently in the middle of an intense mental debate on whether or not to through them the hell away. It'd be rude not to have them, But what if she thinks you're a dork, What would Nina or Laura say? There were no flowers back home, They'd still be on the pro-flower side! It's so old fashioned, It's classic! They're pretty, she's pretty, It's a metaphor! We're going to a party! What is she going to do with Flowers?

This has been going on for a while