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Thread: Why I Strongly Dislike GURPS

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    What I didn't like about GURPS long, long ago last century when I played it was the stagnation of the characters in terms of game mechanics. Your character does the same thing over and over every adventure, never learning anything new but a skill or two will improve by one. I learned GURPS the same time I learned 2E D&D. When I experienced my D&D characters always improving and being able to do new and wondrous things as the campaign played on due to leveling, GURPS became boring. GURPS Supers had a saving grace in that at least the character could do interesting things from the start, but they were still the same thing game after game after game.

    I understand that today the rules have evolved since then. You earn experience and can learn new and wondrous things more significant than one skill improved to succeeding on a 15 or less from 14 or less. Not having read these new rules I can't comment specifically, but its reputation precedes it. 3E/Pathfinder offers the variety of wondrous things I like that wouldn't have me give new GURPS a try.
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