Here's my go to list of custom gods, for when the Dm asks me to choose a god, but doesn't specify or just doesn't care where i pull them from.

Stabbity McAxeforface,
Alignment: evil, chaotic
Domains: fear, chaos, destruction
Portfolio: fear: death, destruction, stabbing, headbunting
Weapon: Mithral helmet shaped like an axe, used for head bunt smite attempts.
Granted power: fear as a spell like ability, 3/day. unarmed strike (head bunt only) as a bonus feat at 1st level.
Gender: male

Heally McNiceNice
Aligment: lawful good
Domains: good, healing, protection
Portfolio: healing, being nice, making nice
Weapon: Heally McNiceNice doesn’t believe in using weapons
Granted power: healing spells are treated as being +1 caster level. charm person as a spell like ability 3/day
Gender: female

Apathy Von Doesn’tcare

Alignment: true neutral,
Domains: good, evil
Portfolio: apathy, neutrality, not giving a damn, indecisiveness
Weapon: any 1 weapon, Apathy doesn’t care enough to pick one
Granted power: Priests of Apathy receive 1 XP/level every hour they spend doing nothing at all.
Gender: doesn’t care.
Note: Apathy doesn’t care enough to choose a gender, which has caused a rift in the church of Apathy. One faction believes apathy to be male, another side female but the third side (and the true side) doesn’t care.