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Thread: Why I Strongly Dislike GURPS

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    There are several rules for a less realist GURPS game. In fact, the basic set makes it pretty clear that the only rules that are always on fit on a single page.
    You seem to misundertand what simulationist means. It doesn't mean it's the same as reality, it just means the rules reflect the more closely possible what happens in the setting. This means that in a kung-fu setting, ripping your shirt might grant you Damage Reduction. It also means that in that same kung-fu setting, it's impossible to get more than one shot out of a gun before being disarmed or it jamming. Those are both actual rules from GURPS. It's a pick and choose system.
    You might not like it for being slow, fine. But it is truly generic.

    Nevermind, you don't like GURPS, good for you. None of my business.
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