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I also want the kind of all to human bickering gods.
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God of War
God of Love
God of Family
God of Leadership...
This kind of one-sided personality doesn't really provide "all too human" gods. Even gods need hobbies. Look at the Olympians. Poseidon isn't just a water god: he's the god of the sea, and earthquakes, and horses. Apollo is the god of poetry, music, the sun, disease, medicine, archery, and prophecy. Hermes is the god of thieves, guards, messengers, and magic. Apollo controls both the spreading and curing of diseases, while Hermes helps both cops and robbers. They get them "coming and going". Ares is the god of WAR... and also farming.

If you want human-like gods with personalities, then make them as characters first. Don't make "The Sea God". Make Poseidon: the god who loves the crashing waves of the sea, the deep rumbling of earthquakes, the pounding hooves of running horses, and John Bonham's 20-minute drum solo.

Think of them like superheroes. Do you want "The Flash is really, really fast"? Or do you want "The Flash is super fast and he loves to eat anything because he's always really hungry and he's always making jokes and he procrastinates a lot because he can always get everything done at the last minute"? Do you want the boring old Aquaman who just talks to fish once in a while or do you want the cool new Aquaman who's the king of Atlantis and commands sea life with his telepathy and who cut off his own hand to save his son and then replaced it with a harpoon/hook thing and doesn't take any crap from anyone?


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When they get a hold of your soul they subject it to "reward" or "torment" (strong emotional stimuli). By doing so they harness the energy of your soul, sucking the power out of it until you are spent; where upon they eject you soul out of the celestial plains and if your lucky back down to earth to be reused.
Do people know about this? This is a pretty strong argument for not worshiping them.