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    Quote Originally Posted by daelrog View Post
    You may want to ask someone else for help. As it stands now, roll wits+investigation, difficulty 10, needing three successes.

    The reason it's difficulty 10 is that Amy has no idea which house to go to.
    Fair enough. Problem is, apart from Mike (who doesn't know) and Slick, she has no idea who to ask. I mean, there's her contact in the police, but she isn't going to ask the police for a house in the woods now, is she? (Edit: especially a house in the woods whose owner is a zombie-like abomination)

    I'll roll, I may end up lucky...
    (5d10)[2][10][8][7][5](32). And hey, if she CAN'T find smiling Jack, that's the perfect reason she needs to look up Danielle's surname on the phone book (how many Leblanc could there be?) and give it a try at her home...which was what I had thought to do in the beginning...

    EDIT: not bad...but not enough. I'll wait for your post before reacting.
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