Reward/Torment afterlives may be a bit black & white. You could have it that the mortal soul goes to serve the god they worshiped/owed allegiance to/most identified with, & they continue to serve them in death. So the Reaper god has you till his field, the War god drafts you into his/her glorious army, evil gods make you their torture slaves. You could also apply a metaphysical surrealism to it. The Eternal Scribe might use your soul to like paper, writing upon you like you were a stickynote, or you are transformed into a book containing everything you know, & placed on a shelf in his Endless Archive, to be used by those seeking the Eternal Scribe's assistance & asking for divine aid. Maybe your are forced to remember an array of obscure facts & continuously repeat, the number of pi, or how many steps the Temple of the West King has, or the lineage of a lowly farmer, or to describe & quantify the number of hairs on the back of a stray cat in some little coastal village.