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Thread: Cormyr - The Tearing of the Wave

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    a whisper can be heard "They all have there arrows trained on you right now"

    ooc: Knowledge (Geography) [roll]1d20+8[/roll] to see if quill can figure somthing strange about these gnome sized tomb dwellers

    odd again [roll]1d20+8[/roll]

    As Quill communicates with hi s familiar about a closer description of the bandits the gnomes shakes his head.

    "May the sly one protect us-- there Dark Creepers a mute evil race from the underdark we can't parley with them!" only a second al lapses as the gnome drops the nicknames as a old habit as he learned they won't help if one needs people to listen.

    "Savin! Axara! Remove Maesyn from the line of fire!"
    "Ryxikor! Like you suggested throw a thinderstick to blind them"
    using up one of his Prestidigitionton a small candle like flame forms in his hand
    "Saving! bind some robe to your javelin and throw it to the sealing we will swing across.
    Ryxikor! jump to the other side and use this wand through the arrowslit, give us some time."
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