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    Quote Originally Posted by Chainsaw Hobbit View Post
    . . . The whole thing feels like it was designed by engineers, who were far more concerned with making an option for every possible scenario than making anything user-friendly.
    Hehe, "Designed by engineers"! -- maybe that is why I like it! :-)

    For me, I found that the trick to GURPS is not to let yourself become too rule bound -- 1 second combat rounds make no sense if you are using muskets that take 20 seconds to reload. You can find suggestions that say to use long combat rounds. Gradually, I began to get a feel for how the rules can be modified without it feeling awkward.

    This haphazard approach to the rules -- use some, don't use others, change that one a bit, decide to apply the "rule of 16", etc., etc. -- some people don't like, I guess because they like to know *all* the rules.

    But to each his own! :-) Sounds like you just wanted to vent a bit. I get that way with D&D all the time: I hate how character creation basically never ends (through leveling up), I don't like my characters to be pigeonholed into particular archetypes, the fact that attributes have dead spaces in their numbers offends my engineering sensibilities, etc.

    I will however take exception with this characterization --
    along with making a system that is quite complex by default
    From a player's perspective: You roll three dice and compare that to a number, and report the result to the GM. --EDIT-- Complex compared to what? From the player's perspective or the GM's?

    I think I understand what you are saying, but it should be phrased differently. I don't find character creation in GURPS anymore difficult than D&D, in fact I find it easier -- although admittedly that might be a lack of experience with D&D, or some decent software for GURPS character creation.

    Having said all that: I still pine for WEG Stars Wars system. *sigh* That was a nice system. They did make some more open versions of it (the D6 system) but I never played them.
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