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Personally, what I mostly hate about GURPS is disadvantages. It exploits human psychology to make otherwise good RPers into concept-sacrificing munchkins. . . .
Alright, I've got to admit that I've come across this more lately, and it bugs me. "No, you can't take megalomania! Not only does it specifically say that it's intended for evil NPC's, and you're supposed to be a body guard, how can I expect your character to fit in with the group?!"

Part of my problem is, as GM, I don't want to have to deal with some of these combinations of disadvantages -- especially the mental ones. The GM should apply those disadvantages, and they should really be disadvantages -- but sometimes that can be frustrating, and just a distraction from the game in general (and I tend to run short, focused games). Not all players do this; some are actually really good at using disadvantages and coming up with inventive characters. I'll sometimes just avoid getting a full quota of disads if I don't like them, and not take the points. A good GURPS game isn't typically too strictly bound by raw point totals anyway -- there is sufficient specialization that lower point characters can play alongside higher ones, within a particular range of course.