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Thread: Why I Strongly Dislike GURPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerthanis View Post
    Personally, what I mostly hate about GURPS is disadvantages. It exploits human psychology to make otherwise good RPers into concept-sacrificing munchkins.
    I can see your argument, as I've heard it many times before. Ultimately what it comes down to is your answers to two questions: 1) Should negative physical or personality traits provide mechanical compensation? and 2) Should there be mechanical rules which help structure your characters behaviour, or is that solely the domain of how players choose to RP?

    GURPS says 'yes' to both, or at least the default rules say 'yes' - you can easily choose a suit of rules which actually changes one or both to a 'no', as GURPS does live up to the 'U'niversal element in granting lots and lots of optional rules to better suit different genres and play styles. Now I can see how some people wouldn't want 'yes' to be the answer to one or both of those questions, and I've seen people play D&D with houserules to change that systems default answers to 'yes' as they prefer it that way (or remove rules to change D&D's 'yes' to a 'no', because no-one can agree on how the alignments should be RPed).

    In general its a matter of taste in what you prefer, and a matter of GM vigilance in how you use the system or subsystems that you've choose to (as with much of GURPS actually). However I consider GURPS better in this regard because it gives you a ready made rule set, with guidance, and a whole host of toggle-able switches to better control that content (or turn it off entirely) - where as most other RPGs provide one rule (or no rule) and leave you to homebrew something different if its not to taste.

    In fact that last paragraph says everything about GURPS really, it allows you to play the game you want, with the rules you want, tweaked to taste - without having to make it yourself (although some assembly may be required). Every other rpg system I've touched I've found the need to throw out chunks of rules and patch on new house-rules, I've not had to do that with GURPS at all because there are pre-made optional rules that I can just enable and use.

    Either way, each to their own - but if you're sitting on the fence or haven't heard of GURPS before and want to take a look at it yourself - then do note that GURPS is very flexible in its rules and play styles, and even has a number of worked examples now (which simplify the setup of the world by presetting what rules are enabled, and speeds up character creation by providing templates which both provide quick options but also restrictions on how you make your character). Dungeon Fantasy probably being the most applicable to those with a taste of FRPGs, which forum goers here likely have, but Monster Hunters is a brand new example which is great if you love Buffy/Blade/Hellboy etc.

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    How does GURPS handle stakes?
    I'm sorry I don't understand your question, could you rephrase?
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