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[Outside Trog's - Head out on the highway! *Looking for a Vault Boy!]

And whatever comes our way!

Cruising! *And listening to awesome music! *In an Aston Martin! *Does life get any better than that?

Out of nowhere, Alyca and Miriah come roaring around the corner! *Both are wearing sparkly high heels! *One is dressed up in a gorgeous frilly purple dress with a pink flower accentuating her features while the other is modelling a plain black gown and a radiant white scarf. *The purple dress is low cut while the black gown is a touch more relaxed.

There are four things about them that Justin might notice straightaway.

They both look nice. *They both smell even nicer. *And one of them is driving the car while the other is chilling in the back seat.

And, last but by no means least, there's not even the slightest indication of who is who.

Which girl is Alyca and which is Miriah? *The purple-dressed one sitting in the front or the black-gowned one kicking back behind?

... *Who is he gonna give the classy flowers to?

"Hop in, Justin!"
"Hop in, Justin."

They simultaneously chime! *They couldn't make this easy on Justin. *That wouldn't have been any fun at all for Miriah, and Alyca was so worried about looking perfect for when she met up with Justin that it slipped her mind entirely! *
Outside Trog's - Which seat will he take.

What classy flowers? Justin vaguely remembers seeing a bouquet flying away when he saw that both of them were driving up. Oh, do you mean these two single flowers. Well it's only polite that he give both girls a flower.

Justin almost immediately recognizes that a game is afoot. He goes over his options in his head. The question is, does he play? He's completely at a disadvantage, so how can he cheat his way out or to the top of this?

Two words: Plausible deniability.

They don't know he's the sort for head games. Simply refusing to play and acting like there's no game puts him at an advantage next time, from being underestimated. It also makes him seem vaguely simple and innocent, which is endearing.

"Ladies," he says, offering each of them a flower, "You're both looking lovely tonight." He then looks back and forth between them, a confused look on his face like, "Oh wait, they're twins!" just occurred to him. "Umm. Which one of you... is Alyca?" He asks. Let's see how well playing dumb works.