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Make Whole might work, or just gentle handling. if anyone has a bag of holding the extra-planar space might work as well.
Make Whole:
A single object that can fit in a 10-foot cube is completely repaired. The component cost is 20 percent of the itemís cost. In cases where you attempt to repair an item not on any price list, the DM determines the cost.
Very good suggestion. If you do decide to go this route, I will have to determine the cost of these books. Which is really going to be hard, considering they are basically priceless "lost-to-time" tomes. But we can cross that bridge if/when we get to it.
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Kadaith has a bag of holding. We are lvl 13. Why is there only 1 bag in the party?
To be honest, Bag of Holdings are pretty crappy now. They don't hold near as much as they used to. Handy Haversack is really what you want to get for extra-dim holding.