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Thread: Shadelight--My First Setting (PEACH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machinekng View Post
    Very interesting.

    I'm really liking the vibe that this campaign setting is giving me.

    Some questions:

    -What's the tech/culture level? Medieval? Reinassance? Early Modern? Steampunk/Victorian?

    -What's seperates the gods from the outsiders? Is it simply that the gods have worshippers, or is there a fundamental difference?

    -What system(s) do you have in mind for this setting?

    -What astrology is your astrology system going to be based off? Greek, Chinese, or something entirely unique?
    The tech level I'm planning is pretty traditional high medieval fantasy--steel is fairly common, plate armor is used but is very rare and expensive, no gunpowder in the known world. Also, very little magical technology, due to arcane magic's unpleasant reputation and divine magic's being restricted to the devoted (of whom there are few).

    The separation between the gods and the outsiders...think about it like this: the gods, while being distant and unknown for the most part, are still a natural part of the world. Their existence is tied closely to the survival of Arendia--if they were killed, the world would probably be destroyed. They are natural and essential. The Outsiders, on the other hand, are not part of the universe as we understand it. They exist "outside" creation, and on the rare occasions when they manage to take physical form on the Material Plane, they have a corrupting and destructive effect on reality just by existing. That might not clarify it very much, but don't worry about that--the subject is just as confusing to most inhabitants of the setting themselves.

    I'm planning on writing this as a Pathfinder setting, while also adapting some 3.5 material for the Pathfinder rules whenever necessary (particularly one prestige class I'm thinking of...more on that in a future update). Unfortunately, it might be pretty difficult to run Shadelight in any other system, since one of the things I'm focusing on in my design process is to avoid having the flavor of the setting clash with the rules of Pathfinder.

    As for the astrological system, that's going to be completely original Hopefully, with only six basic lunar signs to work with, it'll be slightly simpler for both me and any players to design and play, but I'm planning on designing an extremely detailed calendar system tied to the astrology, so it might be a while before I can go into detail about it.

    Anyway, I just managed to find my notes on the gods, so that update will be coming later today. Stay tuned
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