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Unfortunately most of the issues I've seen were ones where "stop interacting" wasn't an option. It's usually not an issue of choosing to interact with the people, but trying to do normal things like attending classes and go to social events and generally just live your own life. In my case I was dealing with people who felt threatened by having a person who wore black and skulls on a college campus (they were still in the school shooting panic stuff).
Hmm can't really help there. If strangers are actively coming up to you regarding your attire, well I don't really see what you can do except tell them its none of their business and ignore them. If its classmates who you want to try to remain amicable to, then I guess trying to explain you like to dress that way SHOULD be sufficient.

In terms of public places, its a tad different. In terms of everyday shopping and the like I see no real reason why anyone should dress in any particular way. Note though I suspect private businesses can ask you to leave as long as its not discriminating based on protected classes, of which "looks" is not one. Sure its bigoted and stupid, but if you KNOW how people feel about the look and its going to cause problems, it could be something to consider if you want to avoid said problems.

Again, as I said it depends on how you value things. Principles are one thing, but depending on where you are in the world, sometimes you need to do things in ways you don't particularly like, just to get the things done. This is a more Machiavellian view on things, but if the system is set-up against you and you need to work with the system NOW, you may not have the time to fix the system in the "right" way, and you may need to do it the quick and dirty way.