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Laneside Bowling

"I didn't know there were healers for emotional hurt," Brand says. "Do you think it would help?"

In the other room, Lily giggles. "Look. It's pretending I can pet it!" She continues to pretend as well. "Why can't I touch you?" she asks.

"Magic cat,"
Tito says dismissively. He tosses the cheese and cracker things in the trash. "I wonder how many days it's going to take to get this place all the way clean?"

Now I'm confused. Did the cat really eat the mutton? Or just pretend to eat it?
Laneside Bowling

It didn't actually eat the mutton, or lick the cheese.

Because it's dead. "Mrrow."

Yep. Laneside is haunted by a ghost cat. It can enjoy offerings, but doesn't actually eat them.

"Yes," Justin answers honestly, "But only if you think there's a problem. I'd really hate to make you four think about that only for there to be nothing wrong."

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[Outside Trog's - Cheater, Cheater Cola-Eater]

Justin decided to not decide! What?! Darn! How are the girls supposed to prolong the hilarious hijinks of Justin, Alyca, and Miriah if Justin refuses to play along?

Ah, no matter! They'll cook up with something else! In the meantime...

As Justin hands a flower to the triplet in the backseat, he'll receive this teasing, witty remark in exchange!

"You do know that no matter how dapper you look tonight, Justin, you can't wine and dine the both of us."

Well, the girl has the mannerisms and signs of being-


-so the girl in the driver's seat must be...

"What? I'm not allowed to give your boy-toy a hard time, Alyca?"

Alyca dressed up in light, bright colors and a low-cut dress for her date while Miriah chose to be clad in a dark gown so she'd be seen as aloof at the social function! This is just practice for Justin so that he can use personality clues to distinguish between the triplets after they bust Toy outta the slam!

"Thanks, Justin. It's beautiful. And a sweet gesture."

"Oh, knock it off already, Alyca! *You're making me nauseous and we haven't even smelled the stinky hors d'oeuvres they always serve at these shindigs! Yuck! And if you haven't figured it out, brainiac, she's the one that thinks you have a cute rear, not me."

Oh! Alyca is literally steaming in her seat right about now! *Miriah is engaging in light, playful banter but she is really embarrassing Alyca and Justin hasn't even buckled up yet!

"Oh, sister! Do you want me to whip out those handy-dandy cue cards you printed for me now or later?"

"Miriah. Shut. Up."

"... Fine. Let me help you with something first."

Miriah helps Alyca adorn herself with Justin's flowers! Miriah may harass her dear sister but that's only because she cares for her!

"You're riding shotgun up front with me, Justin."

Because those ejector seats in the back might just earn their keep tonight if Miriah keeps this up!
Outside Trog's - Don't push the red button.

The plan worked, the girls revealed who they were, and he has a clue about separating them in the future. Alyca thinks he has a cute rear!

"Got it," Justin says, sitting in shotgun and buckling in, because it's the law, and a good idea. "Do you two go to business parties often?"